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Psychiatric Medication Management

In the intricate journey of mental health, one essential tool that can help you regain control and find mental stability is Psychiatric medication management. At Inland Empire Behavioral Group Psychiatric Mental Health Care & Behavioral Health, we’re dedicated to providing you with the guidance and support you need to manage your medications effectively.
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Empowering Your Journey to Wellness

In a world where mental health is gaining the recognition it deserves, Inland Empire Behavioral Group stands out as a trusted partner for those seeking a path to recovery and balance. Our Psychiatric Medication Management program is not just a service; it’s a tailored experience that recognizes each patient’s unique needs and circumstances. Several key factors contribute to effective medication management:

When Medication Management Support is Needed

Medication management can play a crucial role in maintaining your mental health, but it’s equally important to know when it’s time to seek help in managing your medications effectively. Here are some signs that indicate it might be time to reach out for support:
Complex Medication Regimen

If your medication regimen has become complex, involving multiple medications with varying dosages and schedules, it can be challenging to keep track of them all. Seeking professional help can simplify and streamline your medication routine.

Frequent Missed Doses

Missing doses of your medication can compromise its effectiveness. If you find yourself frequently missing doses due to forgetfulness or confusion, medication management support can help ensure you stay on track.

Unwanted Side Effects

Some medications may come with side effects that affect your quality of life. If you're experiencing troublesome side effects or are unsure whether your medication is causing specific symptoms, consulting a healthcare professional is essential.

Medication Interactions

If you're taking multiple medications for different health conditions, there's a risk of drug interactions. A medication management expert can assess potential interactions and make adjustments to minimize risks.

Changes in Symptoms

If you notice changes in your symptoms, whether they worsen or improve, it's important to discuss these changes with a healthcare provider. They can assess whether adjustments to your medication plan are needed.

Emotional or Behavioral Changes

Sometimes, medications can impact your emotions and behavior. If you notice significant mood swings, increased anxiety, or other emotional changes that coincide with your medication, it's crucial to seek guidance.

Lack of Clarity About Your Medications

Understanding your medications, including their purpose, potential side effects, and interactions, is vital for your well-being. If you're unsure about any aspect of your medication regimen, seeking clarity from a professional can provide peace of mind.

Complex Health Conditions

If you have complex health conditions or managing multiple chronic illnesses, medication management can become more challenging. Seeking support can help ensure that your medications align with your overall healthcare plan.

Our Approach to Psychiatric Medication Management

Thorough Assessment

Inland Empire Behavioral Group’s Medication Management journey begins with a deep dive into your unique needs and circumstances. They understand that your disease is more than just a set of symptoms. During this crucial first step, experienced team of mental health professionals assesses your medical history, psychological profile, and current symptoms. This personalized evaluation lays the foundation for a treatment plan that’s uniquely tailored to you.

Customized Treatment Plan

Your treatment plan isn’t just about medications; it’s a roadmap to your overall well-being. Inland Empire Behavioral Group integrates your medication regimen seamlessly with other forms of therapy and counseling, ensuring that all aspects of your mental health are addressed.

Continuous Monitoring

Recovery is a journey, not a destination, and the team at Inland Empire Behavioral Group is with you every step of the way. Regular follow-up appointments and close monitoring allow for adjustments to your medication plan as needed. This continuous support ensures that your treatment remains as effective as possible.

Empowerment through Education

Knowledge is empowerment, and Inland Empire Behavioral Group believes in empowering its patients. They provide comprehensive education about your medications, helping you understand how they work, potential side effects, and the importance of adhering to your treatment plan. This knowledge empowers you to take an active role in your own healing process.

Compassionate Care

Above all, what sets Inland Empire Behavioral Group’s Medication Management approach apart is the unwavering compassion of their team. They understand that the journey to mental wellness can be challenging, and they stand by your side with empathy and understanding. You’re not just another patient; you’re a unique individual with unique needs, and they treat you as such.

Why Choose Inland Empire Behavioral Group?

Choosing Inland Empire Behavioral Group for Psychiatric Medication Management is a decision that aligns with the pursuit of top-tier mental health care. Here are several compelling reasons why individuals and families might opt for Inland Empire Behavioral Group’s Medication Management services:
Remember, seeking help for medication management is a proactive step towards better mental and physical well-being. If you relate to any of these signs or have concerns about your medications, don’t hesitate to reach out to a healthcare provider or medication management specialist. They can work with you to ensure that your medication plan is safe, effective, and tailored to your unique needs.
Comprehensive Approach

Inland Empire Behavioral Group takes a holistic approach to Medication Management. They don't just prescribe medications; they integrate them into a broader treatment plan that includes therapy, counseling, and lifestyle recommendations. This ensures that all aspects of a patient's mental health are addressed.

Integration of Care

Inland Empire Behavioral Group seamlessly integrates Medication Management with other forms of therapy. This collaborative approach ensures that patients receive well-rounded and effective treatment.

Compassion and Understanding

Mental health challenges can be daunting, and Inland Empire Behavioral Group approaches every patient with empathy and compassion. They understand the unique struggles individuals face and provide support and encouragement throughout the journey.

Proven Track Record

Inland Empire Behavioral Group has a history of success in helping individuals achieve improved mental health and wellness. Their commitment to evidence-based practices and ongoing research ensures that patients receive the most effective treatments available.

Innovative Solutions

Inland Empire Behavioral Group stays at the forefront of advancements in mental health care. They are committed to offering innovative solutions and continually improving their services to benefit their patients.

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Dr. Reri Uku


Dr. Reri Uku is a board certified psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner (PMHNP-BC). Her expertise lies in her ability to provide quality, compassionate, and comprehensive mental health
services including medication management to adolescents and adults. Her practice is guided by evidence-based treatment approaches that are tailored to meet individual needs and preferences. Her role is multidimensional, including educator, mental health advocate, and therapist.

As a PMHNP, she has a passion for bringing healing to patients who have traumatic and stressful life experiences.

As an adjunct faculty at California State University, San Bernardino (CSUSB), she values interdisciplinary education and inter-professional collaboration for a student-centered learning approach to provide safe and effective patient care.

She earned her Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) from Azusa Pacific University in 2018 and her Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner from National University in 2019. She graduated from California State University, San Bernardino master’s program with majors in Nurse Education and Advanced Community/Public Health in 2014. She became a registered nurse in 2010 and her background includes experiences in Medical Surgical Nursing, Neurology, Oncology and Psychiatry.

Her interests includes trauma focused care and integration of behavioral health medicine, with a goal to facilitate better outcomes for patients’ with mental health disabilities

Adaobi M Adimorah


Adaobi Adimorah is a highly skilled and professional psychiatrist. Adaobi is significantly contributing to commendable health care services at the  Inland Empire Behavioral Group in Riverside, California. Furthermore, her services at the Brainiac Medical Corporation in Colton, California are also breathtaking. She started her academic career with her Associate degree in Nursing at Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital in Newi. Then Adaobi grabbed more excellence with her graduation in Nursing at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, AZ. Later on, Adaobi pursued his academic career and got a Doctorate in Nursing from the Psychiatric Mental Health Specialization Center.

Adaobi has retained expertise in diagnosing and treating anxiety, depression, AHD, and numerous other mental disorders. She has a strong belief that the effective implementation of cognitive behavior and enormous mindfulness techniques can foster mental well-being.

Mohammad I Hussain


Mohammad I Hussain is an experienced mental health expert. He has set the records by offering commendable mental health services. Mohammad I Hussain is renowned for his effective strategies against several mental health disorders. Mohammad I Hussain perfectly entered into the medical era by completing the graduation from Walden University. He also obtained an Associate Degree in Nursing from Pasadena City College. His diverse work experience at different medical institutes is the actual representation of his incredible psychiatric skills. Mohammad I Hussain is perfectly familiar with all the effective strategies against varied mental illnesses including ADHD, anxiety, depression, OCD bipolar disorder, etc.

Dr. Carla. MD


Dr. Carla Chambers Hammond, M.D. is a competent psychiatrist.

Dr. Carla is presently serving at the Inland Empire Behavioural Group. She retains the specialization in child and adolescent psychiatry.

Dr.Carla has been extremely proficient from a young age. She completed her schooling at the UT Southwestern Medical School in Dallas, Texas. She acquired excellence in the mental health field by getting a medical degree from New York Medical College. Her psychiatric internship in New York was the main turning point in her medical career. Dr. Carla also obtained various diplomas in the medical profession. As ABAM Diplomat in Addiction Medicine, she turned heads with her exceptional performance. Her therapeutic approach is phenomenal.

Wesley Wong


Welsey Wong is a renowned marriage and family therapist. Wesley is currently providing his exceptional services at the Inland Empire Behavioral Group in Riverside, California. Wesley acquired excellence in both academic and professional fields. After completing his graduation in psychology, he was enrolled for a Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy at the California School of Professional Psychology in California. Wesley gained immense fame in employing his strategies of Adlerian theory and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

Welsey is also serving as the top-notch therapist at the Brainiac Medical Corporation in Colton, California.

Welsey offers incredible services to treat varied mental health disorders. Among them, Bipolar disorder and Schizophrenia are his promising domains. If you are striving for the finest solutions regarding your personal life, you can consult him. What you need to do is simply schedule a call and book your appointment. Wesley’s health care services are significant to direct you towards reliable and permanent mental health resilience. With just a few sessions, you will cherish sound health.

Khadija Hamisi


Dr. Khadija Hamisi is an extremely passionate and experienced mental health expert.

Dr. Hamisi provides astonishing psychiatric services at Inland Empire Behavioral Group in Riverside, California.
She completed her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from California State University San Bernardino. Then to pursue her career, Dr. Khadija obtained a Master’s in nursing and adult psychiatric Mental Health. Brandman University transformed Khadija into an inspiring psychiatrist.

She not only got a doctorate there but also acquired numerous mesmerizing healthcare expertise. Dr Khadija has the finest skills in employing the therapy and medication therapies for patients.